Services Offered in Greater Manchester

Office Partition Installer

Suspended ceilings Manchester ltd are installers of office partitions Manchester these systems are lightweight and are a must for space division. We construct all types of partition wall systems and dry-lining systems these can be used in all types of buildings they cover all applications, from simple through to high performance office partitions, designed to meet the most demanding fire resistance, sound insulation, impact and height requirements. Stud partition walls are constructed using light

Suspended ceilings Mancheweight materials, which can give significant savings in structural design and labor costs compared to masonry alternatives. Benefits also include the speed of installation and reduction to overall build costs. A full range of solutions is available to suit your needs.

Suspended Ceiling Contractors

Suspended ceilings Manchester ltd are contractors of suspended ceiling systems did you know There is no limit to the places you’re able to use suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings are among the most essential facets of interior design within buildings today. A suspended ceiling provides many benefits over other kinds of ceiling structures. It offers some real advantages over the permanent variety. Suspended ceilings may be installed in a house or workplace. In the ideal situation, a suspended ceiling provides some real benefits over the permanent selection. It is a type of finish system that is hung below the ceiling structure within a room or building. A suspended ceiling, also referred to as a dropped ceiling, is an extra ceiling installed below the true ceiling. Suspended and tile ceilings have a lot of benefits.

Dry-Lining Contractors

ster ltd are installers of lightweight  dry-lining wall systems these are used when wet trades are not best suited for the task in hand, dry-lining is used around the perimeter of the existing building if for example a warehouse where the brick work has always been exposed, you have now or will be moving into this and the look is not going to give your customers the impression of  how professional your company is so traditionally you would bond it out with plasters, this is not the case with this system you simply just line over with metal sections that are true and plasterboard it and finish it of with tape and joint.

MF Ceiling Installers

Suspended ceilings Manchester ltd are installers of  MF ceilings aka metal frame this system is used when you require a solid ceiling this system can achieve many extra benefits than a standard ceiling tile ceiling as it can be a true performance ceiling it can be installed with acoustic rigid ceiling hangers fire rated plasterboard and sound bloc plasterboard you can also line it with plywood  first and then plasterboard, if your building is quite old and you are having new air conditioning data communications then all your system connections will be surface mounted and on display if this is the case we would recommend this system.

The brands we use:

  • Armstrong
  • AMF
  • Tenon
  • British Gypsum
  • Burgess
  • Ecophon
  • All our products bear the CE Mark.