Here at Manchester Ceilings and Partitions Ltd, we can provide suspended ceiling systems for properties of all kinds. We have experience working with retail units and offices in addition to all manner of commercial and industrial facilities throughout the North West.

The false ceilings that we can deliver are hard-wearing, practical design choices for all kinds of professional spaces. They can offer a wide range of benefits to any workplace. Just some of these benefits can include making any workplace more energy efficient. We specialise in using these systems to conceal air conditioning and ventilation units. They can also be used to hide unsightly wiring and create sleek and modern office designs.

The Different Types of Suspended Ceiling Systems

We can deliver various types of ceiling grids to provide a long-term, reliable service to your property. All of our grid systems and individual tiles are hard-wearing and will provide long-lasting service. They are also easily replaceable should any damage to your property occur.

Just some of the practical suspended ceiling systems that we can provide include:

• Armstrong. 
• AMF. 
• Ecophon. 
• OWA. 
• British Gypsum. 
• Burgess.

Armstrong suspended ceilings tend to be the industry standard. However, we can install any of the other systems should you require it. Your building will be the main factor when it comes to evaluating the ideal false ceiling. We can deliver 15mm and 24mm ceiling grids to provide a long-term, reliable service for your commercial or industrial property.

Where required, we can even provide a range of unique ceiling grid systems with a focus on providing the highest-quality solution for your needs.

Non-Ferrous Ceiling Grid

These systems are normally used in spaces where cleanliness is extremely important. These ceiling grids are commonly used in hospitals for scanner rooms and clean rooms.

Corrosive Resistant Ceiling Grid

If your workplace is likely to be a place of high humidity, corrosive resistant ceiling grids are essential. This is particularly true in industrial properties. These systems are resistant to all kinds of corrosive environments and will survive much longer in these workplaces than other kinds of suspended ceilings.

Concealed Ceiling Grid

If you want to enjoy the benefits of suspended ceiling systems, but you don’t like the way that they look, then concealed grids can be the perfect choice. Concealed and semi-concealed ceiling grids only expose a small amount of the ceiling behind your individual tiles.

1-Hour, Fire-Rated Suspended Ceilings

A practical alternative to plasterboard, these ceiling grids are highly-resistant to fire damage for up to an hour. These solutions are ideal for restaurants or industrial spaces which feature the regular use of fire. 1-Hour, Fire-Rated suspended ceilings allow sprinkler systems and smoke detectors to activate much faster. This is due to the decreased room height, which puts these systems much closer to the fire’s origin point. This gives the building’s occupants an early warning of a developing fire, which means they can exit the building much faster.

How Much Do Suspended Ceilings Cost?

Suspended ceilings remain one of the cheapest and most effective ways of creating a modern office, retail or industrial design. Traditional ceilings can take weeks to effectively install, especially when you consider the need for plastering and decorating. Thanks to suspended ceilings, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a fully complete system as soon as installation is complete.

The end-price of the project will vary depending on the size of the ceiling’s surface area, in addition to the kind of suspended ceiling you choose to take advantage of. However, the Suspended Ceilings Manchester team can promise you that we will never surprise you with hidden fees and will be completely up-front about all costs involved in the project.

For Suspended Ceiling Systems, Get in Touch With our Team Today

Here at Suspended Ceilings Manchester, we are dedicated to helping our clients make the most of suspended ceilings in their office designs or commercial and industrial facilities. Whatever kind of false ceiling you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team of ceiling specialists today.

You can reach our team directly by calling us on 0161 248 5784. If you prefer, you can email any questions or concerns you might have to and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.