The Benefits of Suspended Ceilings

The advantages that suspended ceilings have to offer are invaluable to any businesses; they are very efficient in conserving heat and the ceiling itself can act as an insulator which prevents heat from escaping from the area it is installed within. You can also add insulation into the void gap between the soffit and the false ceiling to further increase energy efficiency.

In addition to heat insulation, suspended ceilings are designed to absorb sound and in doing so keep the acoustics down to a minimum. They can also offer light reflection and some even offer fire protection depending on the type of ceiling you choose.

With these factors in mind, a lot of businesses are choosing to have suspended ceiling systems fitted throughout their organisations in order to create warm, pleasant atmospheres complete with a neat aesthetic.

Sound Absorption

An optimal and appropriate sound climate is necessary for people to feel comfortable and function effectively. The term ‘good acoustics’ means a balanced united action between reverberation time, background noise and sound insulation. In a room with good acoustics the required sound is emphasised whilst unwanted sounds are eliminated or reduced sufficiently so as not to cause a disturbance. In most premises, comfortable room acoustics depend directly on a short reverberation time – especially room for conversation and where privacy is required. The easiest and most cost effective solution to achieve a pleasant acoustic environment it to install a wall-to-wall acoustic ceiling system that provides high sound absorption.

Better Working Environment

Lighting can make a huge contribution to the overall look and feel of a room. A key factor is how the ceiling reflects and spreads the light. It is very important that it does not glare or create irritating reflections on working surfaces in the room. With indirect lighting, which is preferable to avoid glare, the performance of the ceiling surface is crucial. A white ceiling will reflect more than a darker one. A ceiling that gives good light reflectance and good light diffusion reduces the need for installed lighting. This results in improved energy efficiency and a better working environment.

Whatever style of suspended ceiling you require, we will have a practical solution for you.

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